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Effigy of Reptilian Solidarity

Strange things are going on in this world - a hundred page views in like 3 days? Either I'm getting better, the people more bored or less demanding or the most likely option: Illuminati Reptilians! ...Or reptilian Illuminati? I don't know but someone call Mark Dice! In the meantime however: Thanks again to everyone and special thanks to Obama, the queen of Britain and yes, even Hillary! I recently built this reptilian-sculpture out of a rubber dinosaur-head I found in a box labeled "Free Stuff" at the roadside and I thought I'd put it up here and see how long it will take until the super inconspicuous black FBI party-van arrives in front of my house... ;)    

Reclamation of the Forgotten

Here it is - the piece that took me almost a week to get to finish! I already exposed all interesting trivia over the piece and its production-history in my latest journal entry but I somehow feel I forgot something... Oh right, the swordsperson on the picture needs some kind of back-story because that's a thing I usually do! On the other hand it's Friday afternoon and I'm really lazy... Well guess I'll manage to keep my principles without putting too much afford into it - I'll just half-ass something: So let's just say that on the drawing there is The great-great-great-great-granddaughter of Markus Icestormman ( the mythos continues... ) and she is part of an Earth-recovery force that has just returned from humanity's 200 year vacation on Venus everybody collectively had to take after climate change got so bad that it caused Donald Trump to spontaneously expand into a giant, burning, orange ball of gas, thus forming a second sun and turning the old one pink for some reason. The artefact she is touching with Bootleg-Frostmourne ( The North-Blade melted alongside all the polar bears and 'Vanilla Ice' ) is the legendary' Valentine's day'-Skin Cristal Skull which conveniently is the last hope for the much anticipated 2217 full-CG remake of 'Kingdom of the Cristal Skull' ( which still requires a real, physical skull for some reason.) There you go? Wasn't that random? 


I don't really know why I'm doing this journal entry but I guess I just want to tell a little story and brag with my drawing gear...
On with the story: After posting this I will continue to upload a new drawing I actually was planning on finishing a week ago before my trip to East Frisia last weekend. The reason it took me until now to finish that drawing is not like in most cases university but in this case it was the unthinkable: I lost one of my polychromo-pens! How could that happen to me in my immaculately tidy living quaters you ask? *freezes for a moment at the sound of the sound of a giant printer-spider feasting at the pizza-crumbs under their desk* I really don't know but I had to walk to the art-supply shop like a jackass and get a new one! Why couldn't I finish the picture without that one particular pen if I have a crap-ton of others?  Because it of course had to be 'Warm Grey V' ( 'V' in this context does not stand for 'Vendetta' but for the roman numeral five ). Let me explain about 'Warm Grey V': I usually use it for clouds, details on metal, rocks, buildings, people and basically every other crap. It is to my art-style what pepper is to cooking or the little 4-nobbed blocks to Lego - an inconspicuous seeming little thing that is basically essential to everything! With a picture in which the thing still missing is mostly the sky and other background loosing that pen sucks quite hard! But after getting a new one on Monday I felt so motivated that I decided to go a little overkill on the background and doo far more stuff than I actually intended. You will see all that soon when I actually upload the damn thing but now you will see 'Warm Grey V' - perched on a bunch of my other drawing supplies...
...come on, at least I wasn't subtle over wanting to show them off and after all the ventures I just wrote off I think I deserve my bragging-rights ( pun definitely intended! )      
20170616 160037 by Holder539

I just wanted to get the information out that the unending well of high-brow visual comedy that is the German government seems to have granted last summer's wish and is putting out new shock-images printed on tobacco-products! This of course means a new season of A.f.G.s.i coming up this summer break. Since I dramatically reduced my smoking since last year to a level of 'only when I'm shitfaced' I asked some friends to collect me some nice shock images and there will soon be art made out of those!

Oh and on an unrelated note: What is going on today? 23 Page-views? There really must be nothing interesting on TV and sucky weather today....! Anywho, by the time I'm posting this I have reached 4001 page-views so... thanks for that I guess :)  


A Streetcar marked 'Apathy' ( Act 2, Ch 1 )

<--- Previous Chapter 

Once again the collar has outlived the dog, once again Holder539 opens a DA post with a Scarce-quote. Cut me some slack though for I have just fulfilled my promise from the 'Featured Deviation' tab! Here it is - the anticipated fourth chapter and official opening of the second act of 'The Body in the Void', the soon to be sci-fi horror classic nobody knows about yet because it isn't even finished. Right of the bat I can tell you the fifth chapter is in the making and it is going to be awesome! Right of the bat I can also tell however that it is going to take some time - the semester's end is approaching swiftly and with it finals are looming on the horizon. Looking at the workload college is dumping on me at the moment I somewhat feel like a Spartan - not in terms of fighting spirit mind you, it's just that every time I look at my notes I want to throw them off a cliff... enough of the ramblings though, the chapter  is about 23 pages so you'll have enough to read. Oh and before any question arise about the locations described in the book:

DISCLAIMER: All locations described in 'The Body in the Void' are purely fictional. Neither Fort Bixley or Hobbes' Mill exist nor the county around them  ( to my knowledge the  state of Maine as well as the USA are real though ) 



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